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Seattle WordPress Support Services

You’ve invested time and money into building your WordPress website. That website needs to represent your brand, generate business leads, and help grow your revenue 24/7. WordPress is also the most used CMS software in the world powering almost 40% of all websites using a CMS.

With that popularity comes the countless plugin companies that allow you to add features, the complexity of integrating your website you’re CRM and accounting systems, and the attention of hackers looking to steal information and install malware on your visitor’s computers.

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Let us generate leads and grow your business.

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What Does WordPress Support Services Offer?

WordPress support services can help with various maintenance tasks. These include the occasional maintenance of your site or the ongoing upkeep of multiple sites. They can also help with faster WordPress installations and malware removal.

If you’re a beginner who’s struggling with WordPress, having the help of a professional support service can be very beneficial. Allowing someone else to handle the issue can help speed up the process and keep you from getting stuck.

Some support services also offer general support. They can help with various tasks, such as installing new themes or improving the performance of your site.

Reasons to Hire the Help of Seattle WordPress Support Services

Although you may initially feel hesitant to hire a support service, it’s important to note that this investment can pay off in the long run. Having a serious security breach or error can cause your website to go offline, which can be very costly.

Another issue that can affect the reputation of your company is having a site unavailable, which can prevent potential customers from accessing it. Having this issue can cause people to become scared of visiting your site.

Having a support service can help you get your website back online promptly when it goes offline for various reasons. It can also help you feel more secure about your ability to resolve issues quickly.

If you’re a web developer who handles the maintenance of several websites, then outsourcing these tasks can be a great way to save time and money. It can also help you expand your scope of services.

As a developer, you might also have concerns about outsourcing certain tasks. If a client discovers that you’re using a third party to handle certain tasks, they might hire that company directly to save money.

If you’re looking for a support service that offers white labeling, then you can avoid this issue by having the company provide this feature instead of relying on the maintenance provider.


Let us generate leads and grow your business.

Get a Free Consultation for Our Seattle WordPress Support Services

Or call 888-799-6067

How to Choose A WordPress Support Services Company

Before you start working with a WordPress support service, it’s important that you thoroughly understand what it does and how it can help you. Aside from the type of support service that you choose, it’s important to consider other factors such as your budget and skill level.

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1. Occasional vs. Ongoing Support

If you’re not a heavy user of WordPress and only need occasional support, then it might be beneficial to work with a support service that only provides one-time support. Several companies provide one-time support. You can also choose to hire a freelance service.

Having a long-term relationship with a support service can provide you with better pricing and faster response times. It can also help you avoid the need to shop around for support.

If you’re an experienced user of WordPress, then ongoing support may be unnecessary. However, if you’re confident that you can handle most of the tasks that a support service would typically handle, then ongoing support may be beneficial.

WordPress users who are new to the platform may want to sign up for a more robust plan to take advantage of its various features. They may also want to look into other support services that provide support for certain tasks.

2. Access to Support 24/7

One of the most important factors that you should consider when choosing a support service is its ability to provide round-the-clock support. Having this feature can give you peace of mind and allow you to reach out to them whenever you need them.

You should also consider the company’s response times when it comes to weekends and overnight support. Some companies provide longer turnaround times than others, which may not be ideal for people who work late at night.

If you’re not able to reach a support service at odd hours, you must find out when they’re available, as well as their methods of communication. Having the option to communicate with them via live chat or a ticketing system can be beneficial.

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3. Additional Services Offered

Some support services offer additional services, such as web design and custom development. If you need a more comprehensive solution, then a larger agency may be able to provide it. Aside from technical support, some support services provide other services such as search engine optimization.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when choosing a support service is its ability to provide a variety of solutions. This can help you avoid having to deal with multiple providers. Also, having the support team members know the ins and outs of the various products used by the developers can help with security.

Before you start looking into a support service, you must have a list of tasks that you want to accomplish. For instance, if you have a busy blog, then it’s a good idea to consider a service that offers spam removal.

4. Pricing Structure

The pricing structure of support services varies depending on the type of website that you’re trying to support. Some providers offer better prices if you’re planning on using them for multiple websites, while others provide better deals if you’re signing up for a long-term contract.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to pricing is the number of support hours that the company offers. Some support services provide a set number of hours, while others offer a variety of requests.

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wordpress support for Free vs Paid WordPress Themes and Plugins

What Comes With Our Services

Let us generate leads and grow your business.

Get a Free Consultation for Our Seattle WordPress Support Services

Or call 888-799-6067

Detailed WordPress Support Features

24/7 Website Security Monitoring & Protection

24/7 Site Speed Monitoring & Optimization

Daily Off-site Website & Database Backups

Software, Plugin, Theme Updates

Unlimited Website Technical Support

30 Minutes Web Updates Monthly

Monthly Security & Activity Reports

* Support Service Start After A Website Audit To Ensure Program Compatibility.


Nope. You can cancel at any time with our monthly plan.

Once registered, you’ll receive a link to our secure on-boarding form where you can provide access.

Once we have access to the admin of your WordPress site we’ll run a full audit. We will NOT change anything on your site. We will run a size and complexity scan, a plugin and theme upgrade scan and a security scan. This will help us determine the health of your site. If necessary we’ll make a list of recommendations based on what we find.

To run our initial website audit, yes. But to get the site into our WordPress Support system we’ll also need Hosting and DNS access. To be clear, we will not migrate your site away from its’ existing host. We’ll simply add appropriate records so that we can properly secure, backup, maintain and report weekly activity.

Absolutely! Once we run our initial audit we’ll make recommendations on how we can help. You may be dealing with security issues, load speed performance issues, out of date, expired, or conflicting plugins, etc. We’ll come up with a plan to get your site completely healthy so it can be accepted into our WordPress Support program.

You can simply send an email to support@doubledome.com with the site URL and all details of the request. Or, you can login to our support ticketing system to place a support request and manage progress at support.doubledome.com.

You can send unlimited support requests. All technical requests are covered. Any non-technical request is covered up to 30 minutes per month. If you go over your monthly time for non-technical requests we will invoice for the extra time at $95/hour in 15 minute increments.

We’ll put industry best security measures in place to make sure this does not happen. But if it does we will fix it and get it back up and running ASAP.

Initial response to a ticket is usually within the hour.  Ticket resolution depends on the nature of the request. Emergency requests take priority. If it is not that urgent we will let you know an estimate of time.  If you do use our support system at support.doubledome.com you can better manage the ticket priority.

Of course, and a limited time it’s FREE! We host many of our client websites on a lightening-fast, cloud hosting. Once we audit your site we can quote a migration fee. After that you only pay your monthly WordPress Support fee.

We will continuously monitor your website, but if you notice anything that you would like us to address just send in a support ticket to support@doubledome.com or use our support portal at support.doubledome.com.

Email us at sales@doubledome.com for a quote to support all of your sites. We have volume based discount tiers for multi-site clients.

We have a 30-day no risk guarantee. Simple as that.

You can cancel at anytime by contacting us at support@doubledome.com or our support ticket system; support.doubledome.com.

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